The 10 Minutes to a Better Course DVD provides clubs with ability to educate new and young members, and to re-educate their existing members on how to best look after their course.

The DVD is divided into four segments.

Divots, Pitch Marks, Bunkers and Slow Play. 

Each a couple of minutes in duration.

"One person that cares for their course makes it better for every member".


Golfers can be extremely frustrated if their ball deflects off a pitch mark. This segment will show what happens to a ball if it runs over a poorly repaired pitch mark. The proper method to repair a pitch mark is shown in slow motion and in close-up, and the golfer is shown the end result of a pitch mark repaired correctly and incorrectly. 

Pitch Marks

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Slow Play


How do you rake a bunker properly ??

The Bunker segment shows the golfers how to rake the bunker correctly so that the bunker retains its desired shape and ensures the depth of the sand is consistent.

Again, animation is used to show the correct raking process. 

The highlight of the Divots segment is the time lapse photography that shows golfers how long a divot takes to repair if neglected, compared if the same divot is repaired correctly, and filled with sand or soil, or chopped in and topped with sand or soil (if available).

Many a harsh word is exchanged between players over slow play.

With the use of split-screen technology, this segment highlights the time wasted by players if they are not prepared to play their shot when ready. 

BE PREPARED.... is the key message, along with several other time saving actions that golfers should be aware of.